A First Hand Review of the NoNo 8800 Hair Remover

NoNo 8800 review

I’m the kind of person who always has trouble with annoying hair in annoying places! It’s something I’ve struggled with for years. I’ve tried laser hair removal but it didn’t work. After seeing my doctor I was told it was genetics and there wasn’t a lot I could do about it.

I was going to get another laser session but they are expensive and if it didn’t work again I’d be rather upset! Instead I decided to try the NoNo 8800 hair remover. Before I got it read quite a few reviews, mostly positive, but there were a couple that weren’t so good so I wasn’t really sure what to expect.

When I got it there was a user guide DVD and an instruction guide so finding out how it works was easy, but regardless this is a piece of cake to use. I tried it out first on a small area on my leg just to test it out. It started to make a sparking sound which was a bit scary to start with but when I was using it I didn’t feel any pain at all, thank god, me and pain don’t mix well!

So after Id tested it on my leg and noticed it was working well I decided to try it on my face. I found It a little hard to use on my chin to start with but you soon get the hang of it. Again, the process was completely pain free and I noticed an immediate difference afterwards. Now before you get too excited, it did take me more than one session to fully remove all the hair. After three sessions though my face was as smooth as silk, no stray hairs, nothing!

If you are patient, then the NoNo 8800 works brilliantly and gets rid of annoying hair in just about any area, but like I say, it does take a few times to get it perfect. The other great thing is that the hair doesn’t grow back anywhere near as quick or as long as with normal shaving. My face is smooth and has been for the past week now. I got a little minor bit of fuzz on my legs after a week or so but it’s very minor compared to what I used to get with regular shaving.

Some general tips to follow if you do use NoNo 8800:

  • Let it charge before using it, give it at least 5 hours! You don’t want it running out on you half way through a session!
  • Watch the DVD or read the guide, it’s easy to use but it’s always good to understand how to use it properly
  • Use the lotion after, this stuff is great and really soothes your skin and helps keep it moisturised after a session
  • Clean the blade wire after each session, use a brush or blow it out thoroughly.

Follow these tips and you can’t go wrong, and the process really is completely pain free so don’t be scared the first time you use it, it won’t hurt!

I also had to ring customer service since I broke the o’ring that runs on the roller. It was probably my fault but they said they would send me out a new one free or charge and also collect the old one off me at no extra cost, very happy with that!

If you’re struggling with hair removal then give NoNo 8800 a go, worked a treat for me!

Visit the official NoNo 8800 site here.

May 2011
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